Introduction A brief introduction to my car and its owner, from the people I met along the way to how the rebirth of ae86 in North America has affected my life. Who would have thought one little car could cause so many things?
Paying respect Giving credit where credit is due: A shout out to the people who got me where I am, both physically and mentally
So you want to ruin your life? How to buy an ae86: Tips from someone who's been there on the best way to ruin your life. I did it twice!
So you want to ruin your life pt. II? The trials and tribulations associated with building the body of a project car. All it takes is $
ae86 reference material Where to go for knowledge: an insiders guide to finding first hand information
Suspension basics What it takes to attack the twisties: Suspension basics and becoming a G-machine
Tire Guide Everything is riding on them: A basic guide to buying tires
Making power How to keep those pesky Mustangs at bay: a basic guide to ae86 power tuning
ae86 reference material 4age n//a light tune basics
Puting it all to use Making your car work for you: a basic guide to driving position
ae86 wheel fitment Buying wheels for your car: what you need to know
old school wheel guide WTF are those?: a basic guide to old school wheels
hatch mod list A list of modifications on my hatch
coupe mod list A list of modifications on my coupe
my 4agze swap My hatchback: 4agze engine swap story
my sr20 swap My coupe: sr20 engine swap story
sr20 project album sr20 transformation: Project car photo album
VW Phaeton Story The crazy adventure of buying a car you've never heard of